Sendero Ranch Pet Registration

Please safeguard your pets and help ensure they can be identified:

1)First, to report a lost or found animal, go to Post a descriptive message in the “lost and found” area. Secondly, contact the guard on duty with a description and/or photo of the pet. 
2)Have ID and vaccination tags with current contact phone number on your pet, even indoor pets*.
3)Consider having the ID information microchip implanted in your pet. Ask your vet for details.
4)Register your pet(s) with the Sendero Ranch Pet Registry. A notebook with your pet’s information and any photos you submit, will be kept on file with the guard.

Please return this form and a photo to the guard on duty. You may also mail, e-mail; return as an attachment to  or by fax to 210-829-5207.

Sendero Ranch 
Pet Registration Department 
1600 NE Loop 410, ste. 202, 
San Antonio, TX  78209

The discussion board below is provided for residents to lists items and/or pets 
that have been lost or found. 
Please make an entry for others to view with the items or pets description and your 
contact information. Click on "View Entries" for an example.
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Pet Registration Form
The pet registration is not a guarantee of a pets return, but it can be a useful tool to assist with the identification of your pet should it get loose. When someone posts an entry into the on-line lost & found, an e-mail notification is sent to
 If your pet’s information is on-file and you have posted a “lost or found” entry on, you will be able to view the entries of other residents, which may facilitate your pets return. You can arrange directly with them for the pick up or return of your pet(s).