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Dear Homeowner,


Prior to purchasing your lot, you were informed of the Sendero Ranch Owners Association (SROA) and its many fine features.  The Board of Directors and the Master Design Committee (MDC) would like to provide you more information about the Association's rules and regulations, outside services provided by agencies, utilities and phone numbers for your convenience.


Homeowners in Sendero Ranch want to make this community a great place to live and ensure long term property values.  In order to do this, residents are required to comply with the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, Easements & Restrictions (DCCER'S) which are provided at time of closing.  Most DCCER violations occur because of insufficient or misinformation. The following information is provided to help summarize requirements.  If you have any questions, please call the Association's management office at 210 829 7202 extension 34479.



Sendero Ranch Owners Association (SROA) is a non‑profit organization established under the laws of the State of Texas.  The Association owns and maintains the common properties and facilities.  Assessments provide for the maintenance of your privately owned roads, controlled access gates, irrigation system, and all other common areas of Sendero Ranch.  Also provided is entry lighting, irrigation of entry, Association insurance, management fees and administrative expenses.


Every homeowner is an automatic member and shares a portion of the responsibility for its support through mandatory assessments.


Assessments are billed in advance on a quarterly basis and due on the first of January, April, July and October of each year.  In the event you do not receive a statement, your account is still due and you should arrange for payment.


Board of Director Meetings: 

The Board of Directors will meet as required to address Association matters.


Annual Meeting of Members: 

There is one annual meeting scheduled for the membership each year.



The Association office is located on the access road at Loop 410 E. at Harry Wurzbach.


FirstService Residential

1600 NE Loop 410, Suite #202,

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Office: 210-829-7202, extension 34479; Fax: 210-829-5207

Hours of operation are: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Management’s responsibilities are to represent the Association in providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common facilities as well as administer the services of all contractors providing services to the Association.


Additional responsibilities include collecting assessments, making disbursements, establishing the budgets, keeping financial records and to maintain all administrative records of the Association.  The Management Company has other responsibilities as well, such as enforcing regulations and assisting in architectural control.


Building & Improvements Approval by the Master Design Committee (MDC):

Prior to construction on your lot, each property owner is required to submit to FirstService Residential the following:

  • Two (2) complete sets of site plans, roof plans and floor plans with all four elevations.
  • In addition the MDC has to approve the builder and issue a building permit.
  • The homeowner must supply a $3,000.00 bond or deposit.
  • $350 fee by check, which is non-refundable, with each house plan submitted.

The Master Design Committee has up to 90 days to approve or disapprove the plans. 


Any improvements to your house or lot must be approved by the MDC before work can be started.  It is the builder / owner’s responsibility to submit plans for new construction and any improvement to the MDC for approval.  Plans must be approved by the MDC before construction is to start. MDC


MDC Improvement request forms can be downloaded from the community website, or from the website or by contacting the Association Manager at or 210-582-5997


“Improvement” is defined as any addition or change to the existing property such as installation of sidewalks, fences, swimming pools, decks, spas, gazebos, lighting, etc. These improvements also require a building permit from the MDC and plan approval. Currently a city permit is not required.  Other improvements requiring approval by the MDC is landscaping, athletic equipment and playground equipment, exterior lighting, etc.


It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to obtain the necessary permits, etc., after the MDC has first approved the plans to make sure that the proposed improvements comply with the deeded restrictions and with the latest edition of the MDC guidelines.


The goal of Sendero Ranch is to preserve the beauty and character of the natural landscape.  Therefore, it is very important that ALL landscaping improvements be submitted for approval prior to installation.  Prior to any landscaping improvements being installed, two sets of landscape plans must be submitted. In addition, there is a minimum of $100.00 non-refundable deposit required.  The MDC has up to 90 days to approve or disapprove the plans.



Door to door solicitations are prohibited.



All trash or garbage must be kept in sanitary receptacles with a tight fitting lid.  No trash bags are allowed.  Allied Waste Services,, provides individual garbage service and recycling – 210-648‑5222 Pick up day is Wednesday ONLY.


Storage Tanks:

All fuel, water or similar storage facilities should be either screened from view by walls or structures or located underground. (Section 3.15)



For Sale or Lease signs can be no larger than six square feet. Construction signs must be in muted colors. All other signs require MDC approval. (Section 2.18 and 5.16)


Athletic and Recreational Facilities:

Athletic or recreational facilities or surfaces of a permanent or temporary nature shall not be placed, maintained or installed without the prior written approval of the MDC. (Sections 2.13, 2.14 and 2.17).


Vehicles, Campers, Boats, etc:

Campers, boats, trailers or inoperable vehicles may not be kept or stored on any portion of any lot unless totally screened from view. On street parking is prohibited. (Section 2.6)



All pets must be restrained with a leash or inside a fence.  Please do not let your pets run loose. This is a requirement for your animal’s safety and to prevent landscaping from being ruined and eliminates the need to clean up after someone else’s pets.  All livestock must have MDC approval.



No visible television or radio antennas are allowed.  Satellite Dishes must be screened from view. (Section 3.9)



No freestanding flagpoles are allowed. (Section 3.9)


Newspaper Delivery:

Delivery of the San Antonio Express News, 210-225‑5533 is available.


Mail Delivery:

Mail is delivered Monday thru Saturday to mail boxes located near your home.  Boxes are assigned by the Post Office, located at 15610 Henderson Pass, the Thousand Oaks Station,

call 1-800-275-8777.  The zip code is 78261. USPS Map


Utilities Services:

City Public Service provides electric and gas – 210-225‑2541

San Antonio Water Systems provides water – 210-704‑7297

Guadalupe Valley Tel. Coop provides telephone service – 1‑800‑367‑4882



Northeast Independent School District: 210-804‑7000



City of San Antonio – website

City of San Antonio Customer Care - 311 website                DIAL 311

Bexar County Appraisal District     (210) 224-8511



All emergency services may be reached by dialing 911.


Fire Protection:

Bulverde/Bexar Volunteer Fire Department – 830-980-4733



Bexar County Sheriff Dispatcher – 210-270‑0600



Emergency service is provided by calling 911.



Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, Easements & Restrictions (DCCERs)



Sendero Ranch Owners Association


The Annexation and Declarations and Covenants are available to view on the Bexar County Clerks Office Website.


You must register to view the documents, but registration is free.(register)



Document  Name

Doc. #

Recorded Book #


First Amendment to DCCERs


Vol. 6241 pg. 0897


Articles of Incorporation

Charter #






Vol. 8524 pg. 0042


Certificate of Annexation to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions (DCCERs)  for Sendero Ranch Unit 3


Book D vol.6501 page 2055


Second Amendment to DCCERs


Book D vol. 06752, pg 1823


Certificate of Annexation to DCCERs Unit 2A


Book D vol. 6841 pg. 1516


Certificate of Annexation to DCCERs Unit 2B


Book D vol. 6941, pg. 0836


Amendment to Certificate of Annexation to DCCERs  for Unit 4


Book D vol. 7278 pg. 0014


Correction of Amendment to Certificate of Annexation to DCCERs  for Sendero Ranch Unit 4


Vol. 7340 pg. 0515


DCCER 6.72 acre tract


Vol. 7666 pg. 0695


Re-filed above


Vol. 7675 pg. 1850


Resolution of purchase of lots 162-165 unit 4


Vol. 8181 pg. 0199







If we can provide any additional information, please feel free to call the

Association Office (210) 829-7202, extension 34479



Community Documents: